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Balmac - Vibration Meters, Monitors and Switches
Ircon, Inc.
Vibration Meters, Monitors and Switches and Analyzers

Ircon Products include:

Vibration Meters

Hand-held, battery operated meters and vibrations data collectors check the overall condition on all types of rotating machinery. These meters are ideal for preventive and predictive maintenance programs. Used regularly, they spot problems long before serious problems develop or destruction occurs.

Balmac Vibration Meters - Models 200 and 205 Model 200 & 205 Digital Vibration Meter
  • Measures Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration
  • Large LCD Display Digital
  • Solid-State Circuitry
  • Pushbutton Operation
Balmac Vibration Meter Bearing Tester - Models 211S Model 211-S Vibration Meter Bearing Tester
  • Measures Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration
  • Bearing-G's High Frequency Range
  • True RMS detector
  • 3-20 kHz, 50mV/g Accelerometer
Balmac Vibration Meters - Models 200 and 205  Model 211 Analog Vibration Meter
  • Measures Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration
  • Ranges: 8-Overlapping
  • 120-150,000 RPM
  • Dynamic Signal Output
Balmac Vibration Meter Bearing Tester - Models 211S Model 242 Pocket Vibration Meter
  • Measures Displacement, Velocity
  • Automatic shut-off with Holding Meter Display
  • LED Bar-Graph Meter Display

Vibration Meter Applications include:
Fans - Motors - Blowers - Pumps - Compressors - Mixers - Engines - Industrial - Machinery - Crushers - Separators - Turbines

Detect Problems including:
MRO/PM - Worn out bearings - Pipe & Foundation cracks and damage - Broken mounting bolts - Unbalance - Misalignment

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Vibration Monitors and Monitoring Systems

Economical vibration transmitters, monitors, and switches continuously protect blowers, fans, motors, turbines, and other rotating machinery from excess vibration.  Monitors and switches have adjustable alarm or shut down limits.

Balmac Model 550 Vibration Switches Model 550 Vibration Switches
  • Protects Rotary Equipment 
  • Monitors velocity (ips)
  • User adjustable limits (alarm & shutdown)
  • Applications: 120 to 60,000 RPM
  • 4-20 mA output
Balmac Model 140 and 191 Vibration Transmitters Model 140 & 191 Vibration Transmitters
  • Solid-state machinery monitoring. Works directly with PLCs.
  • Two wire 4-20 mA Signal Format
  • Works with Single Loop Monitors, Recorders, PLCs, Data Collection Systems
Balmac Model 401 Vibration Monitor  Model 401 Vibration Monitor
  • Provides Continuous Monitoring Display of Machine Condition for up to Two Pickups
  • Monitors Velocity (ips) or Displacement (mils)
  • Time Delay 1-10 seconds
  • 120 to 150,000 RPM
Balmac Model 1111/1112 Monitors 4-20mA Model 1111/1112 Monitors 4-20mA
  • Series Current Loop 4-20 mA Controller
  • Adjustable Setpoints & Time Delays 
  • Output SPST Isolated 10 A Triac
  • Limit 10-100% of Full Scale

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Vibration Analyzers

Portable analyzers trouble-shoot and balance rotating machinery.  Balanced machinery means less overhauls, improved performance, and smooth, vibration-free operation.

Balmac Model 214 Vibration Analyzer/Balancer Model 214 Vibration Analyzer/Balancer
  • Shop Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing 
  • Manually Tuned Frequency Analysis
  • Strobe for Balancing & Phase Measurements
Balmac Model 216-D Vibration Analyzer Model 216-D Vibration Analyzer
  • Shop or Field Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing
  • Manually Tuned Frequency Analysis
  • Strobe for Balancing & Phase Measurements

Standard Kits include all accessories:
Analyzer - Strobe Light - Vibration Pickups - Magnetic Pickup Clamps - Probe - Cables - Carrying Case - Manual

Analyzer Applications include:
Disks - Fans - Grinders - Impellers - Rollers - Compressors - Motors - Industrial Machinery - Shafts - Wheels -Turbines

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